Balik kampung

Dear readers,
I'm in Kuantan, my third day. "Balik one week aje, ye,'' my sis reminded me. I took the Mara Liner, a 5 -hour journey, passing Tangkak, Segamat, through Kratong and Muadzam Shah. Comfortable bus: bigger seat,cleaner curtain, piped music. H2H said to her kids :Nek Lang mid semester break! Yeah, away from 'home' and back to 'home' still with the same routine, full fledged house keeper, house cleaner, house cook (sometimes), house laundry and everything 'house'. No, No lady-of-leisure but this lady has time, blogging. JY has to chauffer me, bila lagikan,... This morning went to Jalan Teluk Sisek to this bank. But alas, why so quiet? Oh no, it has moved to Mahkota Square. Had lunch at Pizza Hut, Mega Mall, with my good, old friend, Faridah Kazi...her bestday you see. Talked about new happenings. Then went to Citra Ana, just wanted to say hello to the owner but ended up with a pair of jeans, blouse and a scarf. Talking about 'jimat cermat' !!!! To H2H, your 'Chantik' shop is no more the 'Chantik' you used to know. Now it is a 2 in 1 shop, boutique and house accessories. Dah tak cantik, you. I didn't want to trouble JY, so I took the taxi home, dekat je but still dekat tapi jauh. Fare: RM8.00 for a SHORT journey. Oh there's a new route, passing the newly opened East Coast Mall, also 'dekat' my house!! Kalau jalan, tercungap juga lah. Faridah said 'macam shopping kat KL. Semua ada!' Is it? Must go and explore. BTW, I wonder how's nek ngah with the kids?

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