Dear readers,
1. Happiness! My glucose level is very okey!!! What about cholesterol ? Wow, the reading is not alarming. Syukur!! Promise : to be careful of my diet, to continue exercise (taichi, aerobic, brisk walk) diligently and to take supplement (fish oil) obediently. Discipline, okey!!!

2. Meet ...."Kak A
na panggil saya Hani a.k.a Honey"...the sweet pretty girl in the picture. She is the sales assistant at Citra Ana. Reliable staff: very responsible and THE person lady boss could trust when she's not around. "Ana tinggalkan kedai dua hari, seorang sahaja, masa Ana ke KL, cikgu. No problem. Dulu dia pendiam. Sekarang dia dah berani, boleh layan pelanggan dengan baik." Before this, lady boss has been complaining of unreliable staff, you know the ones who can cheat on you. Well. Pn. Ana really has groomed her well. Hani layan pelanggan macam bos dia, peramah dan pandai ambil hati. Look, she's showing us how to put on the 'tudung Dubai' . At last, lady boss is happy. She has a good staff to assist her. As an incentive she bought her a pair of pretty sandals (and will give her an increase in allowance!!). Syukur. I'm sure lady boss will be sad if Hani leaves her one day (she intends to join UITM this December). It's hard to find a good, trustworthy worker these days. Sigh....

3. Syukur and happy to know that Pura's son has chosen to be a teacher in TESL (very good prospect) than a lawyer. But surprise, yes, surprise, because seldom do we get boys WANT to be teachers. So he's filling the quota of the 'dying specie' (specie pupus) in the teachers' world, yes? We need good teachers to teach, educate and guide our children, the future generation. I'm sure Pora's son is one of them, Insya Allah. Jadi guru ni bukan sahaja dapat gaji lumayan tetapi pahala juga!! BTW Pura is the famous curtain entrepreneur in Melaka.

That's all for now. See you!

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