Dear readers,
Here it is...
Dr S : Your blood test results okey...hemmp... goodlah, everything okey, except, ....
Me: Cholestrol!
Dr S: Yah, terrible, so high...should be blah...blah... blah, never mind, I'll give you medication for a month. Come back in 3 months time for another test.
Me: Thank God, BP okey. (A quick test before this showed high reading, and was given a 'lecture' by the doctor, not Dr S, okey)

Lower down your Mr Chl.! Must do more vigorous exercise. Tai chi three times a week,not enough, not enough... Well. I had been eyeing the local all-lady's gym, the Lady Like Gym, each time I passed by the row of shop houses.The blood test result really pushed me to sign up as member immediately. I had been sweating it out at the gym...really enjoying myself on the treadmill, with the full motivation not for slimming (eh, not everydaylah...nanti tinggal tulang, or jadi layang-layang!!) but to get fit and lower down my Mr Chl. Health experts say "Exercise is the best medicine" . And more exercise I did. I had been doing house work such as cleaning and mopping the house, washing the drains, scrubbing the floor, raking the dried leaves, gardening....just to sweat. You see we don't have any helper, so someone has to keep the house clean. When my friends from Kuantan were in Melaka last weekend, I took took them for a walk cum exercise around Malacca town like along the Malacca River, part of Jonker Walk, visiting the museums, up and down the St Paul Hill. Now I'm back in Kuantan (I miss my house....) And this morning I took the opportunity to relax like having my hair trimmed, Zah pampering my face with her 'golden hands' .... I planned to walk to the salon and back home. Since JY was around, he drove me there (rosak programme).All done, Zah checked my fat content ....

Zah: Kak, take care of your lemak (fat). (Actually, she was promoting a product for weight loss) Should be between 20-27 % for your height, age, BMI...(and so on)
Me : Eh, banyak lemak rupanya I ni. But let me exercise first, okey. I'm taking the buah naga (dragon fruit) too.
Zah: (smiled) So now nak jalan balik ke? If I'm free now, I can drive you home.
Me: Thanks Zah, I prefer to walk, brisk walk. Anyway the house is not far.

And walked I did under the hot sun, took me 10 minutes.
Hope with the walking and more workout, and of course taking medication diligently and watching my diet, Insya Allah, my Mr Chl and "company" will be under control. God Willing!!

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