This is the SOUTH MAIN STREET in
Sungai Lembing, peaceful and cool!
What is left of 'El-Dorado'Malaysia

Yes, dear readers, Narimah brought me to Sungai Lembing town, 42 km from Kuantan town this morning. Never been here before although I have been staying in Kuantan for the last 20 years. I learned about Sungai Lembing as Pahang's richest manufacturer of tin during my primary school. That was many years ago. So it was, now only could I see how tin was mined in this once tin-riched area. Once this town was even dubbed as Malaysia very own El-Dorado. As it was here that a special settlement for British officers were located. The main attraction is of course The Sungai Lembing Museum, right on the hill top.
It was built to re-live those glorious days of tin mining, with exhibits of useful information on the historical evidence of this region and Pahang as a whole. Although much has been done to disseminate information to visitors but we thought that some of the exhibits need clearer, proper labeling and explanation. The students and super- super- super seniors

We met some students from the School of Tourism, UiTM Melaka doing some research work. We left the museum with the knowledge of Sungai Lembing as being once the largest subterranean mine in the world.Then we drove further towards the surrounding area....... And these were what we saw(see pics below)We we were wondering what they were? Surely they must be related to the mining activity once upon a time.
Before, the workers' quarters

Left for future development maybe? But I hope any plan for improvement and 'upgrading' the town will consider her historical image and natural landscape. Will Sungai Lembing be considered as one of the World's Heritage just like Malacca and Georgetown? Perhaps.....

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