dari Melaka ke negeri Pahang.....

A few hours ago I was in Melaka, now, am back in Kuantan. Raining heavily out there. What shall I do?Blogging? Well, two people back home inspired me to join the gang.... And of course my new`anak saudara' , LA a.k.a. as Kaseh. My other half, JY , too had been encouraging me. He will guide me how to insert pictures, etc. So.......here I am!


  1. Hi sekilau 1, at least now I can ada 'link'. The more the merrier.

  2. Wahhh...dari Melaka ke negeri Pahang lagi!!! Bestlah cam ni semua dah ada blog. Add some pictures in...

  3. TQ Kaseh for visiting Sekilau 1.Will add in pics. later. Still learninglah.
    To puteri hang li poh, now u are linked 2 the world!


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