Ada Ummp!

When I'm back in Kuantan, Cg (Cikgu ) Norehan (house on the hill , pic , on the left) will tapau me her famous mee calong. Last evening Norehan invited us , Cg Narimah (Datin, sudah bersara , pic, on the right ) and me for tea (and a tour of her new house) She 's a very good cook. In her younger days, she would be in the kitchen, watching and helping her mother cooked. An (Norehan) served us her trade mark Mee Calong. This is a special dish in the western part of Pahang esp Beserah ,Kuantan( kawasan pantai banyak ikan katakan). and also the coastal part of Terengganu . Mee Calong is served with fish soup. You can choose to have either stick mee (mee batang), mee hoon or kwai tiaw(all these to be must soaked first) yes, totally fish. Together with that will be some stuffed -tauhu with fish meat, fish balls, or if you like boiled sliced keropok lekor home made (mind you) not bought from the market! and there is the home made air lada(chilli sauce)too. An gets her fresh ikan from Tanjung Lumpur, a fishing village in Kuantan. The tasty soup is Norehan`s secret recipe which she had tried and experimented umpteemth times till she gets the perfect taste, ada ummph! Norehan also served us ubi itek and keledek rebus with kelapa parut. Ubi itek ni small in size(mini ubi). For dessert, we had caramel pudding. Well Narimah and me makan sepuas-puasnya(don't need dinner) sampai dapat bekal bawa balik lagi untuk orang di rumah (see pic)
Baik hati sungguh Norehan ni. Thank you An.
Because of her passion for cooking and her spirit semangat to promote Mee Calong, An and her family runs a stall, Mee Calong Beserah ( her kampung is Beserah) @ Dataran Gambut Food Court (across the Public Library) in Kuantan . Her younger brother, Joe, has a Mee Calong stall too @ Beserah. You can find some @ Kampung Tanjung Lumpur. I think no other stalls sells mee calong as tasty as An's. But some people tak suka sebab tak biasa makan, tak suka rasa ikan atau sebab-sebab lain (fishy smell!) Ini bukan promosi Mee Calong An tapi tolong promosi Mee Calong Kuantan makanan special (for supper/dinner) di sini.

Ada Ummph lah!

(P.s. By the way, Norehan and Narimah were my colleague and today we are the best of friends.)

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  1. Alang, The colong thing sounds yummy. U learn oredi how 2 make ah? Later U make 4 us lah. The anyeh taste/smell maybe can be overcome with perah air limau nipis.


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