Can you spot the 'nelayan-girl'?

There she is, grinning away....

Amal was proud to participate in her school's sports day last Friday, although in the march past and 'lari dalam guni' event. She kept reminding us to be back by Thursday to attend her sports day. She kept grumbling and pestering" Sports Day Kak Iman, Mummy and Daddy datang. Sports Iddin , Nek Lang and Tok Lang datang, Sports Day Amal, sorang tak datang, so please be back by Thursday,take picture". Thousands apology, Amal, we couldn't make it. But Nek Ngah attended, right, tho' for a short while (cause very hot. ma, she said!). Nek Ngah e-mailed me a few pictures taken during the march past. Look at the nelayan-girl, 'tapi Amal tak pegang bendera macam Kak Iman' (Iman was the flag- bearer for her team). Never mind Amal, supporting your team counts. Pakai batik siapa tu, ah? Red pula, very outstanding!! Did you win the' lari dalam guni' event? But really, looking at the pictures, you girls were very patient standing facing the hot afternoon sun!
Oh yes, dear readers, that's the school building you see in the background. I can spot my former classrooms during my primary school years in dear Convent HIJ. Like Amal, I only took part in the march past and 'wheel barrow race' during one of the school's sports day :=)
Wheel barrow race in orang putih land.....


  1. No problem spotting her, Mama Lann.

  2. Yang berbatik sarung kaler merah tu yerrr...

    Wahhh teringat zaman skulah dulu, selalu gak masuk perbarisan cenggini..

  3. apa la amal niii
    bagi can laa kat neklang dan tok lang berdua duan....bukan selalu pun..hehehehe...

  4. Dear Azie,
    Yelah tu....kanak-kanak sihat!

  5. Alahai Ezza,
    Amal tau kami berdua aje yang free, so dengan harapan yang tinggi minta kami hadir!

  6. Her blue 'nelayan' house won 2nd prize for the march past. All the batik belongs to the Ustazah. Manalah dia ambik!

  7. Wah, tentu happy. Maybe the ustazah went round collecting batik.

  8. Hello Kak Nora, I enjoyed reading your eloquent posting, and the well taken pics.
    First time I see these kinds of events...anyway I have lost touch with where I came from.
    But reading yours and other bloggers postings brings memories back.
    You have a nice day and simpan satu lagu dalam hati, Lee.

  9. Hi Uncle Lee,
    You too have a nice day and I have so many lagus dalam hati.


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